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Corydoras is a genus of freshwater bottom fish of the family Callichthyidae. These fish are commonly called "corydoras catfish" or simply "corycas". They are popular with aquarium hobbyists because of their small size, calm behavior, and unique appearance.

Here are some key features and information about corydoras catfish:

Appearance: Corydoras catfish are characterized by flattened bodies, carapace plates and whiskers (sensory organs similar to whiskers) around the snout. They have a variety of colors and patterns that can include spots, stripes, and mottled patterns.

Size: Most species of corydoras catfish are relatively small, typically reaching around 5-10 cm in length, depending on the specific species.

Behavior: Catfish corydoras are social and peaceful fish that are best kept in groups. They are known for their playful and active behavior and can often be seen searching the bottom of the aquarium for food.

Habitat: These beautiful fish are native to South America, especially the Amazon River basin and its tributaries. They inhabit slow-moving waters, including rivers, streams and floodplains.

Diet: Corydoras catfish are omnivorous, meaning they eat a combination of plant matter and small aquatic organisms. In the aquarium, they can be fed a varied diet that includes high-quality sinking pellets, flakes, frozen or live foods, and even some plant matter.

Aquarium care: When keeping corydoras catfish in an aquarium, it is important to provide them with a well-maintained aquarium. They prefer a sandy or fine gravel substrate as their sensitive whiskers can be damaged on sharp surfaces. Proper hiding places, plants and decorations should be provided to create a comfortable environment.

Water Parameters: Corydoras catfish are relatively adaptable to a variety of water conditions, but prefer a slightly acidic to neutral pH (around 6.0-7.5) and a temperature range of 72 to 78°F (22 to 26°C).

Reproduction: Breeding Corydoras catfish can be a rewarding experience for advanced aquarium hobbyists. They are oviparous fish, and many species lay their eggs on flat surfaces or plants. The parents do not care for the eggs, so it is important to transfer the eggs to a separate rearing aquarium to ensure their survival.

There are many species within the genus Corydoras, each with its own unique characteristics and care requirements. Popular species include Corydoras paleatus (pepper catfish), Corydoras aeneus (brown catfish) and Corydoras panda (panda catfish).

When considering adding corydoras catfish to your aquarium, it's important to thoroughly research the specific species you're interested in and provide the proper care to ensure their health and well-being.

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